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Chels Hackett - Triumph in International Financial Management with SportsFX


Chels Hackett, a formidable Australian MMA Fighter, transitioned from local bouts to securing a contract with the prestigious Professional Fighters League (PFL). This marked a significant milestone in her career as she geared up to compete on the global stage, beginning with fights in the USA from 2023 onward.

A photo of Chels Hackett before her MMA fight.
Chels Hackett - PFL Fighter


Venturing beyond Australia for the first time, Chels encountered a unique set of challenges. Her fight contract stipulated fees in US Dollars, posing questions about payment logistics and the subsequent transfer of funds back to Australia.

SportsFX Solutions:

Chels found a strategic ally in her agent, who recommended SportsFX as the ultimate solution for such circumstances. Recognised as experts in navigating the intricacies of international financial management, SportsFX offered comprehensive assistance in both collecting funds and repatriating them to Australia.


To kickstart the process, we facilitated the seamless creation of an account for Chels. This involved necessary documentation, including Proof of ID, Proof of Address, and the Fight Contract. Complying with regulatory obligations ensured transparency in tracing the flow of funds—from their origin to destination—forming the foundation of a secure financial framework. This straightforward procedure typically takes 1-2 hours to complete.

By obtaining these details upfront, we ensured a smooth and swift transfer process when the time came, mitigating any potential delays.


Following Chels' triumphant debut in the USA (she emerged victorious!), SportsFX orchestrated the receipt of her prize purse. The earned USD arrived punctually, and SportsFX seamlessly handled the currency conversion, channelling the Australian Dollars directly to Chelsea’s account the next day. This not only facilitated timely access to her earnings but also afforded her the advantage of superior exchange rates and zero fees compared to traditional banking channels.

With a well-established process now in place, Chels can focus entirely on her craft, trusting SportsFX to expertly manage the complexities of currency exchange for her future fights.

This success story underscores the pivotal role SportsFX plays in empowering athletes like Chels to concentrate on their careers while leaving the intricacies of international financial management in capable hands.

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