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Currency Update: A quiet week in the markets.

The Australian dollar has seen a relatively quiet week in the markets with most pairs moving less than 0.5% in the past week.

With a short week in the markets and low volatility given the long weekend for Easter, the AUD has been rather stable.

Looking into the charts, it seems to reach either level of support or resistance depending on the pair you look at. The AUD/EUR, AUD/GBP and AUD/USD have all reached areas of previous support that we have seen hold since the last week of January or early February.

As we spoke about a few weeks back, the Central Banks around all countries are at a wait-and-see approach, and with that, we have seen weeks of low volatility and small moves.

The Australian Dollar to the US Dollar has bounced around 0.6500 for several weeks now—the British Pound at 0.5140 and the Euro at 0.6000, all multi-month lows.

A weekly chart of the AUD to USD
AUD/USD - Weekly Chart



On the other side, the Australian Dollar has been stronger against the Japanese Yen, and New Zealand Dollar. The trend against the Japanese Yen has been strong, and sits at a multi-year high, however since September it's been unable to pass the level of 98.70-98.80 so the upcoming moves will be key.

The Australian Dollar to New Zealand Dollar has moved out of its range and reached its highest point since October 2023. As markets price in a NZ rate cut in July, the NZD has weakened and reached a low point this week, losing 3% against the AUD in the past 4 weeks.

AUD/NZD Chart - 3% increase in 4 weeks.

As we continue to watch and see what moves the Central banks will make around interest rates, we may see a couple of slower weeks until they meet again.

AUD/GBP - 0.5161

AUD/EUR - 0.6040

AUD/NZD - 1.0907

AUD/USD - 0.6515

AUD/JPY - 98.62

GBP/USD - 1.2621

EUR/USD - 1.0790

USD/JPY - 151.38

As always, please reach out if you would like to discuss your unique situation and I would be glad to assist.

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