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Episode 17 - Breaking Boundaries: Jori Davis on Navigating Life and Basketball Across Nine Countries.

Navigating Life as an Overseas Athlete: Insights from Jori Davis

In our latest episode of The Overseas Athlete, we had the pleasure of speaking with Jori Davis, a professional basketball player who has carved out a remarkable career across nine different countries. Jori's experiences shed light on the unique challenges and opportunities that come with being an overseas athlete, especially for women in sports. Here’s a summary of our conversation, and don’t forget to listen to the full episode for more in-depth insights.

Jori Davis, Basketball
Jori Davis

Limited Opportunities in the US vs. Abroad

Jori started by highlighting the stark contrast in opportunities for female basketball players in the US compared to abroad. While the US offers limited professional avenues, many other countries have thriving pro leagues that not only provide more opportunities but also better pay. This disparity often drives athletes like Jori to seek careers overseas.

Adapting to New Cultures

Adapting to life in a new country can be daunting. Jori emphasised the importance of being open-minded, resourceful, and mentally prepared to face cultural differences. She shared personal anecdotes of overcoming language barriers and stereotypes, underscoring the need for effective communication and understanding to build strong relationships within new communities.

Support and Transparency Issues

One of the recurring themes in our conversation was the lack of support and transparency in contracts and salaries for overseas athletes. Jori noted that the wide range of salaries, influenced by factors such as nationality and league, often leads to uncertainty and financial instability. She urged athletes to ask questions and advocate for themselves to navigate these challenges.

Building a Strong Network

Building a reliable network is crucial for overseas athletes. Jori highlighted the importance of finding trustworthy individuals in the community to help with essential tasks like banking and housing. She recounted stories of athletes who struggled due to a lack of support, reinforcing the need for a solid support system.

Challenges in International Basketball

Jori also discussed the broader challenges faced by international basketball players, such as the lack of a central governing body and the need to navigate different rules and regulations in each country. She called for more open-mindedness and innovation in adapting to the borderless nature of the game.

Wevolv: Supporting Athletes Abroad

Recognising the myriad challenges faced by athletes abroad, Jori introduced Wevolv, a digital platform and athlete management ecosystem she founded. Wevolv aims to help athletes make better career decisions and access necessary services, from managing visas to finding professional support.

Key Takeaways

  • Limited Opportunities in the US: Female basketball players often find more opportunities and better pay in international leagues.

  • Adaptability: Success as an overseas athlete requires open-mindedness, resourcefulness, and a positive mindset.

  • Lack of Support and Transparency: Athletes need to advocate for themselves and seek clarity in contracts and salaries.

  • Building Networks: Establishing a strong, trustworthy network is essential for navigating life abroad.

  • Regulatory Challenges: The absence of a central governing body in international basketball creates additional hurdles.

  • Wevolv: Jori’s platform aims to support athletes in managing their careers and lives abroad effectively.

Jori’s insights are a testament to the resilience and adaptability required to succeed as an overseas athlete. To hear more about her experiences and advice, be sure to listen to the full episode of The Overseas Athlete.

Don't miss the full episode of our interview with Jori Davis on The Overseas Athlete. Tune in to gain deeper insights into the life of an international basketball player and learn how to navigate the challenges of playing abroad. Listen now on our website or your favourite podcast platform!

By sharing Jori’s story, we hope to inspire and inform current and aspiring overseas athletes about the realities and rewards of pursuing a career in international sports.

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