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Home Away from Home: Managing Homesickness

This week in the Overseas Athlete, we’re covering one of the biggest hurdles of being a professional athlete - homesickness. 

We’ve talked about time zones and language barriers, but another challenge that comes with being a professional athlete is dealing with being away from home. 

Whether you are just starting out your international career, or whether you are already a veteran, homesickness affects us all to an extent. 

But after reading this article, you will be better equipped to deal with living in a home away from home.

An Australian Athlete dealing with Homesickness

Stay Plugged In.

Being homesick is one of those instances where social media and technology can really come in clutch.

Befriend your technology, and use every way possible to keep in touch with your family and friends, be it FaceTime, Instagram, Facebook, or Messenger. When you’re away from home, the platforms we have access to today really can make it seem like your loved ones are sharing your experiences with you, every step of the way.

Make Things Personal.

It’s tough living out of a suitcase, but bringing a piece of home with you can help you ease in to your temporary surroundings. Something like a candle, pillow, or poster to put up on your wall can give your new home that little personal touch that might just be enough to ease the pain of homesickness.

Personalise your space. Make it yours, and eventually, it will feel just like home.

Keep Busy.

The more consistent your daily routine, the more priorities you have on your mind, which in turn will lead to less time to think about how much you miss home!

When all else feels unfamiliar, setting a routine and sticking to it can be the great equaliser. Regular meal times, workout schedules, times to relax, the list goes on.

If you need a hand locking down a daily routine, check out our article here:

Remember Your Purpose

Remind yourself of why you’re here. You made it this far, and you’re only getting closer to achieving your dreams.

Every day, every session, brings you closer to attaining your professional goals - centre your focus on your aspirations. Keep your eyes on the prize, and you’ll be too hungry to be homesick.

Soak it all in.

Not many people can say that they had the chance to play their sport overseas. Savour the moment. It’s easier said than done, but really lose yourself in the experience and try to enjoy it. Make new memories and cherish them. Reframing your perspective on being away from home can help you manage it even better.

Everyone misses home; it just means that you have a special place in your heart. And remember, that place isn’t going anywhere. It’s waiting for you when you return. In the meantime, set your sights on your goals and go get them!

Here's to your overseas success 🙌🏻

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