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My Story

I was lucky enough to fulfil a lifelong dream and become a professional footballer both in the USA/Canada with Toronto Lynx and in Australia via the A-League with Gold Coast United, back in 2010.

Unfortunately, a career-ending ankle injury stopped that before I really got started. My love for football and sports in general is lifelong though and has been passed on from my dad to me, and me to my children.

​Football is in the family, from my dad to me and my brother, to my son and daughter. Then I got married, and my wife plays, her dad plays and we even coached the U13 girl's team when the twins decided to start playing football. 

We have been, and always will be around sports, so using my passion for sports and knowledge and experience in foreign experience is the best mix for SportsFX!

Our goal is to build a niche service for sports professionals and its integrated parties and provide a real value-added service that can save you money, manage risk and navigate the foreign exchange markets while you focus on achieving your sporting dreams.

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