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At SportsFX, we prioritise the security of your transactions and personal information above all else. Our robust security measures ensure that your data is protected at every step of the process, giving you peace of mind as you focus on what you do best—achieving excellence on the global stage.

We take the security of your data and money very seriously. We take all necessary measures to ensure we’re data compliant and consistently review and enhance our processes/systems to remain secure.

All network traffic is encrypted at a transport level and confidential information is encrypted at rest. We use best practices in terms of encryption key storage and security.

Strong access control

Our platform provides a role-based, hierarchical security model with two-step authentication and multi-factor authentication for sensitive systems. All-access is logged and audited for suspicious behaviour.

Safeguarded bank accounts
Our safeguarding obligations can be satisfied in a number of ways. Currently, SportsFX via our payment partners satisfies its safeguarding obligations by segregating client funds in designated safeguarding accounts with Tier-1 banks.

These banks are regularly reviewed by the institutions used to hold their client funds based on several factors
including, but not limited to, reputational risk, agency ratings, service capabilities and local market presence. All funds are held in separate accounts with tier-one banks. In the unlikely event of SportsFX Ltd or their partners ceasing to exist, your money remains protected.

Secure Transactions

We utilise secure payment gateways and advanced authentication processes to guarantee the safety of every transaction. Our multi-layered security system includes:

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Adding an extra layer of security by requiring a second form of verification beyond your password.

  • Fraud Detection Systems: Our real-time monitoring systems detect and prevent fraudulent activities, ensuring your funds are always secure.

  • Transaction Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of transactions to identify and address any suspicious activity promptly.


Regulatory Compliance

SportsFX adheres to the highest standards of regulatory compliance. We are fully compliant with international financial regulations via ASIC and AUSTRAC in Australia, and the FCA in the United Kingdom, including Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) policies. These measures help us prevent illegal activities and ensure that our services are used responsibly.

Client Education

We believe that informed clients are secure clients. SportsFX provides educational resources to help you understand the best practices for maintaining your own security. This includes tips on creating strong passwords, recognising phishing attempts, and safeguarding your personal information online.


Dedicated Security Team

Our dedicated security team is constantly monitoring and enhancing our security measures to stay ahead of potential threats. This team works tirelessly to ensure that SportsFX remains a safe and secure platform for all your financial needs.

At SportsFX, we understand that security is not just a feature—it's a fundamental aspect of our service. Our commitment to advanced security measures, regulatory compliance, and client education ensures that your transactions are protected at all times. Trust SportsFX to provide a secure environment for managing your international currency transfers and financial activities.

For more information on our security practices or to discuss any concerns, please contact our support team. We're here to ensure your experience with SportsFX is as secure and seamless as possible.

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